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The Eshop platform offers everyone the opportunity to be competitive by using our tools to sell and showcase their products.  It was developed to help minimize operating cost for small business owners.

All register members are eligible to sell their products on eShop.bid. There are no restrictions or limitation on  product listing. All product listings are FREE.

  • Free registration
  • No Monthly Fees
  • Free product listing
  • Unlimited product listing
  • Integrated Shipping calculator
  • Sellers Own discount Coupon codes
  • Offer charge or free shipping

Eshop.bid offers a variety of tools to vendors to help promote their products and services. This platform is not a single entity...Every sellers have the option to offer discount coupons, vouchers etc.

Coupons are not applied across the platform. Each seller can generate a coupon and that coupon will only be valid for his/her product. All coupons are applied at check-out and are verified across all sellers in your cart. Your coupon will be valid if a match is found.

Shipping charges are applied by seller discretion; therefore some products may offer free shipping options and others may be charged, this rule applies to all products regardless of buying from one or multiple sellers.

Note: Please contact your vendor/seller for any question. Vendors on our platform are from different countries, make sure to check with your vendor regarding international shipping.