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Log in using your credentials at registration, if you don't have an account yet, then click on the register link to create an account. An activation link is sent to the email you provided, find the link provided in that email and click on it to activate your account. If you can not find the email in your inbox, you may have to check into the spam folder.
Once your account has been activated you will be able to log in. Once you logged in, you will have access to the control panel also known as the Dashboard.

Under the Vendor CPanel, you will find the most common shortcuts to manage your own characteristics if needed, Add a New Product and My Products to view all your published products.

Publishing a product is very easy, the form is self-explanatory. However, here is a breakdown for the entire form to clarify any doubt.

Name: This is the title of the product
Code: The Model or unique SKU for your product.
Stock Quantity: The number of products in your inventory available for sale

Product Category: The category in which your product should be published. Here you can type a few letters of the category name and the system will query available categories that match your request.
Brand: You can select a brand in this field if there is one available, it is optional.
Published: Yes or No
The publish status allows you to control the listing. Saving the listing with a YES will make your product available for sale immediately. Saving the product with a NO gives you the opportunity to revise the listing before it goes public.

For California sellers (You) can set the taxes for your products here.

Click on the Plus+ Sign to set the price


Set the Publishing Start and End.
Set your products for 29 days. Both dates must be set especially when your products are in the Auction mode.
MSRP/ Retail Price: Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price. This is the price the product is being sold on the open market and it is assumed to be the highest price. Setting the Retail price is optional, but when it is set; your price will show as (discounted) special sale.


The Characteristics allows you to add options to your products. Options such as Colors, Sizes etc.
There are some pre-defined characteristics available for use. However, if you need specific ones you can create them from your dashboard.

Select a group, add a default value then click the Save Button.

Once it has been saved, you can scroll to the top of the form and you will see a new tab VARIANTS.

Related Product: Here you can associate your product to other similar in your inventory so that potential customers can see them.

On this page, you can add or Remove variant values as needed.


The SEO section is very important. When you publish your product, you will write a full description of the product containing the essentials, please see the following example:

Product Title: Colonial style garden house oil painting - Minns B & B House

Product Description:

A beautiful colonial style garden house painting, one of the most amazing paintings ever created it shows all the details to photographic level.

There are no words to describe this colonial-style garden house painting, from the roses to the impeccable grass.  I will ship with this amazing beautiful frame which truly justifies its value.

Dimensions: 34 Inches diagonal corner to corner and 26 Inches long across.

Pre-Owned: This Colonial-style garden house painting is a pre-owned item, in excellent condition. The package is insured when shipped.


Note that the content of the SEO section comes from the full description of the product itself.

Use the strongest sentence from your product description and place it in the Meta description field.
Pick the most descriptive, repetitive keywords from your product description and place it in the Keywords field.

The restrictions are important, especially the ordering dates. The ordering dates define when the product is available for sale.
The ordering dates are good for pre-orders. When setting the ordering dates, make sure that these dates are within the publishing dates.

The Weight is important, make sure to set the weight. The weight is used for the shipping plugin to calculate the shipping cost at checkout.
Volume dimensions are optional.

The files section is for attaching documents related to the product such as spec-sheets.

The custom field section is required. In this section is where you define the condition of your product.

You must set a condition for your product. It is also helpful to provide a description of such condition in your listing.
Tell your prospect customer where the product is shipping from.

For auctions, you only have to set it to yes.

By default, Free shipping will be available to shoppers at check-out unless you block it here.


If you do not want to offer free shipping, Place a check-mark in the box as seen in this screenshot.